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Responsibly Sourced

Caring for Our Communities

Create a quality nursery for your baby while feeling good about protecting the environment. Our products are made with sustainable materials in mind to protect local communities.

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Responsibly Sourced

We proudly work with partners who adhere to higher standards to protect
 our planet. We seek to use renewable and recylable materials wherever 
possible in the development and manufacturing of our products. We are 
dedicated to caring for our planet, our communities, and local forests.

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Creating Green Footprints

we constantly strive to take care of the environment where our products are made and are committed to green initiatives.

We use ingredients that are carefully inspected for quality, cleanliness, and are low-impact to the environment.
 Our finishes are designed to promote healthy indoor air environments.

willowbrook greenguard

Renewable wood that comes from sustainably managed forests, creating new trees while protecting the local environment.


Caring For Our Future Generations... 

At Oxford Baby we‘re committed to preserving the planet for future generations. 
Everyone must do their part to preserve the environment. We believe it’s important 
for all of our partners to share the same green initiatiatives. Additionally our designers use precise software to determine the optimal size and specifications 
for all wood boards and harvest trees with these approximations in mind.